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There is no worse injury that the human body can suffer than second and third degree burns over a significant portion of the body. Not only is the pain indescribable, but physicians we have worked with at Burn Units have advised us that when the burns encompass more than 20% of the body, the shock to the system is so severe that often internal organs begin to shut down in response to the brain telling those organs that the body is dying due to the severity of the pain. If one is able to survive the pain, treatment for the burns as well as skin grafting and special garments compounds the suffering for the victim. Then, scarring and disfigurement awaits the victim at the end of the process.

At our firm, we recognize the devastating impact of burn injuries from a variety of causes. Our firm has handled cases involving the following:

  • Propane gas explosions
  • Vehicle explosions / fires
  • Chemical explosions and burns
  • Ignition of clothing, including child’s sleepwear
  • Construction explosions involving methane gas
If you or a loved one is the victim of an accident causing second or third degree burns, you need attorneys who can investigate the cause of the explosion or fire giving rise to the burns, as well as attorneys who understand the indescribable suffering and psychological trauma. Please take advantage of our free consultation at the toll-free number listed below.
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