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>Automobile/Trucking Accidents

Automobile/Trucking Accidents

If you have been the victim of a negligent auto or truck driver, the law provides that the insurance company for the responsible driver/owner must step forward and compensate you for your injuries and losses. Unfortunately, insurance companies are often not willing to promptly and fairly provide compensation to victims. Insurance companies are businesses, and the less they pay you, the greater is their profit. Therefore, don't be misled by the promises of insurance adjusters to "treat you fair."

Here are some things to remember:

  1. The law provides that if you are injured in an auto/truck wreck, you are entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost income (past and future), pain and suffering, disability, disfigurement, and loss of the enjoyment of life.
  2. If there is a death, certain survivors are entitled to compensation for loss of support, companionship, guidance and other similar damages.
  3. There are time limits for filing a lawsuit, depending on where the accident occurs, whether there was an injury or death, and other factors which an attorney can explain. Don't rely upon advice from the insurance adjuster.
  4. Although health care providers want to be paid promptly for their services, we are experienced in working with health care providers to delay their collection efforts until your claim is settled.

It may seem like a simple matter for you to negotiate with an insurance company, but there are many pitfalls which you may not realize. One wrong move, one mistake could cause you to forfeit valuable rights or lose thousands of dollars. We have attorneys with over 24 years of experience in the field of automobile accident law. Please call and let us help.

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